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Our 75 years of California Farming have formed our collective company-conscience.  In addition to farming over 9,000 acres of oxygen producing trees, we’ve pushed to further control our carbons, conserve natural resources, promote natural ecosystems, and healthy communities. 

Water Conservation

Through the aid of tensiometers to measure soil moisture needs, and water-saving fan-jet drip irrigation, Wawona has been able to greatly reduce the use of irrigation watering, while maximizing plant health.  


By powering our packing and cooling facility with solar power we have reduced our carbon footprint and are doing our part to leave a greener environment for future generations.



Recycling for Wawona goes beyond typical household items such as cardboard & bottles (although we do this as well).  Our recycling program also includes the mulching of our plant trimmings for compost, and a 50% reduction of single use packaging and pallets.

Sustainable Farm-Management Practices Include:


• Mating Disrupting Pheromones to reduce pests as an alternative to using dangerous chemicals.


• Biological Pest Control utilizes native predatory insects to control harmful pests such as mites.


• Owl & Hawk Boxes to provide sanctuary for indigenous species that naturally control rodent population.


• Water Quality Protection.  Through diligent soil and well water testing Wawona ensures that wasteful over-fertilization doesn’t occur.  Great lengths are taken to protect our community water resources, and ecosystems.


• Soil & Orchard biodiversity.  


• Affiliation with the California

Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) provides Wawona credibility to promote organic through certification, education and advocacy.