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Wawona Packing Company Announces Merger with Gerawan Farming

9,000 Acres of Sustainable farming

Our 75 years of California farming have formed our collective company-conscience. 

In addition to farming over 9,000 acres of oxygen producing trees, we’ve pushed to further control our carbons, conserve natural resources, promote natural ecosystems, and healthy communities. 


Consistent Quality

“And so, this morning I had one for Breakfast.  Just your peach, all by its lonesome self.  The quality, care, packaging, and attention to detail, is only exceeded by the peach it-self.  What a delicious peach.  Here it is October, and we have a great top-quality peach.  Unbelievable!”



Houston, TX

Smart Packaging Solutions

Specializing in custom packaging for retail applications


Wawona Acquires Stone Fruit Breeding Operations and Associated Genetics of Burchell Nursery.

Burchell to Continue Offering Existing Stone Fruit Varieties to the Market
Through Licensing Agreement with Wawona.